Just About Time



About the Author

Michelle L. Punongbayan – Ochoa

Journalism graduate from the University of Santo Tomas,  a Leo. A writer and essayist living the life of a normal corporate citizen, with a dream to travel places and become known for her craft. Paints, sings, cooks, writes poems in between. A social strategist studying DevCom in UP; a lover of art and silence.


Beyond forty is the best time to begin a new chapter in life, a time to break new grounds and find new realms to conquer. She writes with passion buried through decades of battle with life and its oppression and now returns with the promise to resurrect her true calling. A Pasiguena, orphaned at age 5, a mother at age 18, an awakened artist.

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*Articles and poems in this blog are purely literary ideas and may not necessarily reflect any real life experiences of the author or may not necessarily represent real people, real accounts of experiences. Art for art’s sake.